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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank you

A huge thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday. I was overwhelmed this morning when I switched on my laptop. Reminds me of how many new friends I've made through the online knitting world. thank you ladies.

Camera hasn't turned up yet. Not sure if it's coming normal mail or special courier. But postman ahs walked past this morning with nothing for us.

We had a great day yesterday. Went shopping in Plymouth, then went on an impromptu hour long boat trip through Plymouth Sound and up the Tamar River past the dock yard. Went on the same trip 10 years ago on the day we went ot register Emily's birth. It was lovely. I don't normally go on these sort of boat trips as I get seasick easily, but I can cope with a river. Rather cold though. But the best views of Plymouth are definitely from the sea.

Then we found a lovely Indian restaurant on the Barbican in Plymouth. It was in an old building and I took some pics but not had time to edit them or take them off my phone yet but I'll get it done this week sometime. Teh meal was fantastic. definitely go to that restaurant again.

We had hoped ot go and see a comedy at the Plymouth Arts Centre but when we turned up it was closed. We knew there was a film on at the main cinema we wouldn't mind watching, called 'Shoot on sight'. Not a very high profile film and got the impression it was done on a budget but it was brilliant. Didn't get home till midnight.

After lunch we're off to see a knitting friend who looked after our dog a few weeks ago. We're taking the dog upto see her. Hopefully we'll be able to go for a lovely walk along the coast where they live in the South Hams of Devon which has beautiful country side. I wish my new camera would arrive then I could take some lovely pics. My mobile won't do the scenery justice.

To Sarah, who asked where my pics yesterday were taken. The horses were snapped just outside Minions next to the Moorland Heritage Centre. The one of the village i Used to live in was taken about halfway between Minions and Cheesewring and the village is Henwood. Sarah is from this area so will hopefully know what I'm talking about.

I'd better get myself dressed and ready to go out again.

Have a good day everyone!


Sarah said...

Glad you had such a fun day and thanks for the info. Minions (mmm yummy cream teas) and Cheesewring I know well but not Henwood. It's a lovely bit of the moors.

Ann said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you have a fun day.

Judy said...

Happy belated!!
August is a good month. My birthday was the 17th and my sister and Dad's is/was the 26.