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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What happened to summer?

Will this rain never end? I know this is typical Cornish summer weather. Rain, rain and more rain. But I'm fed up with it. So fed up i even checked out flight to Spain yesterday but they're too expensive. No sunny holiday ot look forward to either. our next holiday is Christmas in Norway which I'm sure to a lot of you sound terribly exotic and although I love it, it's not going to be hot that's for sure.

I managed to get some knitting done this weekend. The Tootie Fruitie Shurg got finished but due to the rain I've not managed to get photos done yet.

Did lots of knitting on a secret project which is coming along quite nicely at the moment.

Also managed to fit in some spinning. And finished the first half of the Dragonfiber Merino/Bamboo. This is truly scrummy fiber. Perly looking and soft. And so easy to draft and spin. My aim is to spin the 2nd half this week and ply it next week.

After that I was going to have a go at this Wensleydale from th Yarn Yard but today my final installment of the Dragonfiber club arrived and it's silk/cashmere. Isn't it gorgeous? I've spun silk before but never cashmere or cashmere/silk so very excited about that. Not sure which to do next the Wensleydale or the Cashmere/Silk.

Also did some knitting on this
It's a cardigan knitted from side to side in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and Lang Silk Dream. Both yarns are silk/merino blends and very soft and gorgeous. Not a very exciting picture though. I'm doing alternate rows of each yarn in a modified garter stitch. My own design, designed as i go.

This week is Lace Variety Club dyeing week. I dyed some trial skeins yesterday and got two varieties to choose from and deciding is not easy. I'm really struggling and got exactly 15 minutes to make a decision befoe I start dyeing the first lot. Off to the dye pot.


Tama said...

Definately spin the cashmere/silk next! That is one of my most favorite fiber combinations!!! You will love it.

Yes, the Christmas in Norway does sound exotic. I am jealous.

As far as the rain, think of it this way, if it was all sunny and hot you wouldn't be getting much knitting or spinning done. At least that's the way I am. When it's nice outside I want to be outside enjoying the weather. Check out my blog for some sunny camping pictures.

Pixie said...

Are you still in your dye pot? lol and I hope the weather has improved for you, we have it very warm and the odd spots of rain.. improvement on the beginning of the week.. love the yarn you have spun..
Catch you soon xxx

Judy said...

Love the yarn you have spun. I have GOT to get over to the LYS and take some spinning classes.