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Saturday, November 10, 2007


Where does time fly? The only way I can get anythign done these days is to multi task, which is why I'm now listing yarns on Etsy, editing photos and blogging all in one go.

I've got lots to write about and lots of photos to show, but time is short. I've got to get tea going in a minute as we're off to a fireworks display in two hours. So it's going to be short and sweet tonight.

There's been a lot of dyeing this week, some are on Etsy already, some will go on later tonight or tomorrow and more on Monday. I've dyed some sock yarn, some lace and some Merino 4ply (from Uruquay). So far I've only had time to list the sock yarn so the rest will follow when time permits. Here are some highlights of things to come

Here's some of the merino I dyed yesterday. IT didn't actually come out that bright after rinsing but this is a pic taken after cooking.

I also wanted to show you pics of my gorgeous PIF presen from Joy. She knitted me a gorgeous Forest Canopy shawl. Joy is the Queen of Forest Canopies. I've lost count of how many she's knitted. And they all look gorgeous. I've been admiring all of them and when I signed up for PFI on Joy's blog I was secretly hoping for a FC and she must have read my mind. I finally managed to get some pics today but my phone is not cooperating and I can't get them off right now so it'll have to be tomorrow. But thank you very much Joy for a gorgeous present.

For my PIF recipients, dont worry, I'm working on it. I've been struggling to decide what to do, but I've now decided on 2 out of 3. I'm thinking about delaying them till next week as I've got some gorgeous cashmere coming soon which I may use.

Lots of spinning going on too. Pics tomorrow of some singles and hopefully some plied yarn. but in the meantime here are some fibre I dyed yesterday. Grab your shades. I'm spinning the green right now and it spins up beautifully. It's merino.

I've got pictures of my Secret Santa present to show too but I'll have to do that tomorrow. Got to feed the starving troops.


Tama said...

Gorgeous fiber!! That just LOOKS like it would be wonderful to spin.

Piglottie said...

Gorgeous colours Anni, and I do giggle when you say cook the yarn :)