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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Moorland walk

On Thursday evening it was beautiful and sunny and warm and I hadn't had time to walk the dog for a few days. We've also not been able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we've had this week due to Em's injury and her not feeling very well. So we drove up on Bodmin Moor (only 5 mins drive up to MInions from us) and walked over to an old, flooded quarry called 'Golddiggings'. Simon and Ness had a swim. Em wasn't allowed to get her wound wet so just paddled in a couple of tiny 'pools' at the edge, the rest of the quarry is very, very deep. If you thombstone off the highest point around the quarry you don't even reach the bottom. There is supposed to be cars, dead sheep and all sorts of things down there. It really is incredible deep. Simon used to go swimming there as a child as he grew up nearby. When I first lived here, I lived in a nearby village and we used to go up there swimming in the summer and it's gorgeous.

These days the water is too cold for me but the girls love it. Even Sam got in for a paddle. She normally hates water and will only swim if she's thrown in. yes, Simon does occasionally throw her in (only gently) and now she won't come near him if we're near any water. But she got in this time and just sat there or paddled with Em.
Here are some pics
Vanessa with Simon and Em in the distance walking towards Golddiggings. Golddiggins is the pile of rocks you can see just above Vanessa's head.
Sam loves runnig between us if we don't all walk together as a family. She's little but fast. Em and Simon up ahead with Gold diggings straigh ahead of them.
Ness and Simon swimming across the quarry.

When they swam right across the other side, Sam got quite worried. She got up on this rock watching them. For ages she stood there with her hindlegs on the rock she's on now andher front legs on the rock in front of her. It was so tempting to just give her a tiny push.
We also had a great view of the Cheesewring as we walked along. it was so clear, we could see for miles. I would have taken lots more moorland pics but my battery ran out.

My 'One skein swap' parcel arrived yesterday fromthe lovely Craftybernie. Some gorgeous Cascade. Just love this shade. A gorgeous lavender cusion which smells divine. And the Sophie pattern from 'Black Sheep Bags' There was also some stickers for the girls in there but Em ran off with it before the photos. Some gorgeous HipKnits Aran Silk arrived to from Terri. These two parcels really cheered me up after the week we've had.

Em had her stitches out yesterday. Just the ones on ehr top lip. They were tiny and very tight and the nurse did struggle to get them out and it hurt quite a lot. Em was so brave and althoug hshe nearly cried she held back the tears, gritted her teeth and gripped my gand as tightly as she could. She was a bit shaken up by it afterwards but she was brilliant.

And somehow I managed to find some time yesterday to wind some yarns up and post on Etsy and downstairs I have more yarns ready to reskein and list including some Alapaca light dk and there will be mroe of that ocming when I have time to dye some more along with some more sock yarn and worsted. I've listed the last of the Merino Lace for a few weeks though. I may not get any more until end of Augsut/early September so grab what;s left while you can.

Today, we'd planned to go to the beach but at the moent it's cloudy and plan 2 is Exeter for some shopping and a trip to the museum (which si great and free).

Have a lovely weekend everyone. And just to let you know I'll be adding some more of my patterns to Etsy over the weekend including some free with purchase patterns.


Linda said...

What a lovely day out that looked Anni! The parcelw as great too and nice yarns for the shop as usual.

Michelle said...

It is absolutely beautiful where you live! It looks so serene.

LizKnits said...

What a beautiful landscape for a walk! I think I'd be hard pressed not to want to spend all day outside looking at that. Love the colors of the most recent dyes.

Craftybernie said...


The landscape looks amazing - it reminds me of where I lived from age 10 - 16. We lived overlooking a huge lake (part of a reservoir in Co. Wicklow, Ireland).

I hope the walk was as relaxing and enjoyable as it looks in the pictures.

The laceweight colours are lovely and I'm glad that little one is feeling a bit better.

Take care..Bernie