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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back to normal

well, nearly. Still suffering from the sideeffects of too many antibiotics but hte infection is clearing up nicely. My face has returned to it's normal size. And I'm feeling okay again and eating again. And I'm back to knitting. Didn't knit at all for 3 days which shows how ill I was.

Since I've been feeling better I've been busy with a new sock design. It's a fair isle one adapted from a Norwegian pattern book with traditional patterns from 'Selbu'. And the yarn has been in my stash for ages. The yarn btw is Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4ply.

I like the pattern on the cuff but not sure about the pattern on the foot. I do love the pinstripe sole though. An idea I got form More SKS.

Off to the beach tomorrow. Simon has a day off and wants to go kayakking. Girls are at school so I'll sit on the beach and knit. WEather is gorgeous at the moment so should be a nice day.


Linda said...

Welcome back Anni!

I love the sock! But fair isle on socks scares me *LOL* That's one thing I haven't done yet, although I'd love to give it a go. I'm just a bit too chicken yet! ;0)

Enjoy your day at the beach tomorrow, it sounds lovely, and I'm glad you're feeling better.

Hege said...

The sock is beautiful! I love the color work!

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Glad you're feeling better. I love your sock, and the colours are great! The pin stripes on the bottom are different, but they add character to the sock. Great job!

Dave said...

These are gorgeous socks!!

Twinsunplus1 said...

That is an amazing job. I really like the pattern, though, I am not crazy about the striping on the foot, mainly b/c it distracts from the pattern.

Congratulations on a fantastic pattern!

Linda said...

Beautiful socks.the colours and pattern are lovely.