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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Summer is here!

and we went to the beach today. Didn't actually go to the beach to sunbathe all day. We went down to one of our local beaches, Seaton, to walk the dog. And afterwards we got our beach chairs out of the car and the girls had brought their swimming stuff and we spent a couple of hours relaxing. The girls went swimming (it was freezing) and even managed to drag simon in (he cheated though and wore his wet suit). I spent most of the time sleeping in my beach chair. Very relaxing and I think I may have even caught a bit of sun.

Feeling less 'blah' now. My energy has improved a bit as has my stomach. But despite having slept on the beach this afternoon I'm surprisingly tired.

Got some wonderful pics of some gorgeous socks today and it's killing me that I can't show them but they'll be revealed in a few months time.

Not making much progress with any other knitting either at the moment. I've changed my mind about the Sockamania May socks as teh pattern and yarn don't go together so I'm doing something different but not sure what yet. Better get on with it hadn't I, May is nearly here. I've done the rib cuff and that's about it. LOL. Watch me panick next weekend.

Off to have a cudde with Em now and get her off to bed.

Have a happy knitterly weekend everyone!


Artis-Anne said...

So glad you are feeling better and I am sure the sunshine helped too. It has been lovely here too until today, so far its dull and grey :(
Typical , my daughter and gran daughter are coming to stay for a few days & I had picnics & days out planned. Good luck with your sock pattern and I look forward to seeing the picce it sounds tantilizing :)

crissy said...

i am so glad to hear your feeling better. i hate being sick . and tell you what the beach does a body good. nothing like it. here in alaska i went for three walks yesterday. just couldnt stay in the house to many days here when all it does is rain so when its nice i am gone gone gone. even though my body screams at me says slow down way down. my mind thinks very young still and screams move it anyway gf. LOL i am not that old but i sure feel it sometimes LOL well back to looking at blogs and then off to finsih the week end with the g-kids

Anonymous said...

thank you. Lovely day again today. More sunshine, sat out in the garden today. Was going to knit but slept instead. Think I needed it. LOL.

Linda said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Sorry that you have been feeling unwell. I hope it gets better soon. Those socks sound exciting! Look forward to seeing them!