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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Photo madness

Took my new legs, some of my sock designs and popped out into the garden in the spring sunshine today and had some fun taking photos. I'm not a good photographer but htought I'd have a go. Probably a bit too sunny for really good photos. But I've got nowhere inside I can place stuff to get decent photos. Well ,it was fun placing the legs in trees, flower beds and on the steps. The daffodils looked good so got some shots with them. Our garden is fairly big for an English town garden but very neglected and looks awful. A bit like a jungle really.

Anyway, here's a few of the pics:

The first socks i designed myself - Romance - pattern is availabe on my website. This sock is a bit worn out as it's been worn a lot but I never got a decent photo of this sock.

A cable and rib sock that I designed for my husband and knitted in Regia Stretch. It works just as well for female feet. My legs aren't very manly tough. May have to get Mr YA to model them for me too. I love these socks and always nick them off Mr YA. The cables and rib gives them a good grip. These will be availabe to buy soon. If you want to order a pattern, let me know and i'll prioritise finishing off this pattern.

And finally my 'Butterfly' or 'Space Invaders' socks. Can't decide on a name. Brand new pattern adn knitted in The Yarn Yard sock yarn. Love these socks. It's easy to knit and a great introduction to fair isle. Brilliant way to use up bits of yarn as the fair isle section doesn't use much yarn at all. Pattern will be availabe soon. Let me know if you want it and I'll get it done quickly. It's just got to be typed up and have photos added.


Midnight Purls said...

Love the socks. All of them! I have every intention of purchasing the cable and rib sock pattern once you get it finished up. I have finally worn Joe down into letting me knit him a pair of socks, BUT, he insists on them being knit in plain black yarn, so having an interesting pattern to knit the boring black yarn up in will save me my sanity!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'll let you know when th epattern is ready. Hoping to get it done over the weekend. I've been working hard on getting my submission to Knitty ready as it's got to be e-mailed off by tomorrow. Just sendin it in for consideration. No guarantee they will accept it but I'm hoping.

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

I think all your socks look great...those legs are awesome for taking pics of your socks. That was a great buy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shelley. My daughters think the legs are freaky. My youngest keep comparing them to some freaky mannequins from Dr Who. No idea what she's talking about as I haven't seen Dr Who. LOL

Fiona Reynolds said...

What fantastic socks. They look lovely.

twellve said...

those butterfly socks are really pretty, esp. in shades of purple.
looking forward to seeing the pattern!

TutleyMutley said...

Disembodied legs - yeah, definitely wierd. (I'm reminded of a horror movie I saw years ago where a hand went creeping about the place - ugh!). But the socks look good!

Joy said...

What a fantastic display in the garden - lovely socks Anni. I am so hoping to master 2 circs, am hoping it will be less strain on this wrist of mone.

I wonder if we'll see a floral display like this at Chelsea this year?

Anonymous said...

LOL TutMut and Aknita. Emily keeps going on about Dr Who when she sees hte legs. And our garden must be the most ignored garden in the world. I keep telling people we've got a wild life garden so it sounds like we're keeping it that way on purpose. We get a lot of birds and other wild life in our garden though and the dog loves it.