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Friday, March 30, 2007

Friendly knitters

First, a huge thank you to Linda and Helen for offering me some Posh Eva 2ply in 'Willow' for my doomed shawl. I really appreciate it ladies. YOu're both so wonderful. I've not thought much about hte shawl for the last few days as I've been ill.

Problem is I cna't remember which colour the Eva was that I'm using. I've not kept the labesl form the skeins. I've gone through several Posh invoices but can't find it. Can't actually remember when I bought it either. I've found a skein though of what looks like Eva in a similar pale green in my stash. It's not labelled. This is a skein I swapped with a forum friend recently (sorry can't remember who now). And what I was thinking was frogging the whole border and reknitting it in the new skein. The skein is not an idential colour to the main shawl but if the whole border is the same it may work out okay. I won't be starting it for at least a week anyway now. My mum has gone on holiday today without her shawl. She's coming over at the end of May so will propably leave it till then and give it to her when she comes. So that'll give me plenty of time to finish it. I'll get back to you Helen and Linda when I get back from holiday and decide what to do. Thank you so much though for offering.

Speaking of holidays. We're off to Spring Harvest at Butlins in Minehead tomorrow. Any knitters going there next week let me know and we can meet up for a bit of knitting. I'm not ready at all. Was out all day WEdnesday (hospital appts etc) and was ill yesterday. Had a masage yesterday morning and then went to bed all afternoon. Barely woke up when the girls got home from school. Vanessa had keys with her and came home first and she let Em in. I normally ocllect Em from school but the school is so close and a very safe walk so yesterday Irang the school to tell them Em had to walk home. The girls were brilliant. Kept themselves occupied. Even made me a smoothie. Simon came home and fed them and took over. He even helped out this morning as he was going in to work late. Thank you love.

I've still got packing to do though. I'm still washing clothes and have done some ironing. I also wanted to make a couple of meals to take with us. And as we're self catering we have decided to get our shopping tonight so we won't have to waste time tomorrow when we get here going shopping. I'm not sure i'll be fit to shop tonight though. We'll see. Still feeling quite rough and full ofcold. Just hope noone else gets it.

And some pics. Have been planning to make myself a Bible case for ages. It's finally done. It's not perfect. Not 100% happy with it but it's okay.

Here's the story in pics - used 1 skein of Cascade 220 and half a skein of Kureyon.
First, prefelted.
And prefelted with my Bible and a note book for comparison.

After felting with my Bible as comparison. Look how much it's shrunk. I washed it twice on 95degree cycles. could probably ahve knitted it a bit smaller to start with but it's so difficult to tell with felting and I hadn't time to much around with swatches etc.

and her ei sthe finished object. My Bible, notebook and a pen fits easily inside. Would have preferred it slightly smaller.Just need to find some buttons to sew on to cover the ugly pop fasteners.

Hoping ot be back later with pics of Em's socks. Only got foot left. Am half way through gusset decreases.


Linda said...

The bible case looks lovely, and gorgeous colours. I'm always amazed by how much things shrink when you felt them.

If you decide you need the yarn, there's no rush because I won't be using it any time soon (not with my mountain of WIPs at the moment!). I can always pop a bit in the post if you want to check on colour, etc.

Hope your holiday goes well and that you're feeling better soon.


gilraen said...

I love your Bible case, very bright and summery! :)

Do you have a picture of your Eva preknitting. I usually save pictures of all of Dee's yarns to play a slideshow with my audiobooks. It saves the power saver closing the sound down. It is also pretty to look at. I may have a picture of the Eva saved with the name. If that helped? :)

I'm glad your feeling a little better, good luck for your weekend. :)

Artis-Anne said...

The Bible case looks lovely , great job :)
So sorry you have been poorly and do hope that the break away will do you some good after all the hassle that it takes to get away that is :(
I having been waiting with baited breath to see how your shawl came out especially as I was intending to that one next with 2 skeins of Posh Yarn Eva but mine is a pink so no help to you I am afraid, unless you want a total contrast ?. I have done over half of the border on Melon and hoping I will have enough of what I am using as it seems to be using a lot !!
Its funny ,on the VLT kal site I think someone there had problems re yardage and she was using KSH as the pattern required !!
Forget about it for now, go and enjoy yourself and take some other knitting :)

Piglottie said...

So sorry to hear you're not feeling well Anni. Hopefully your visit to Spring Harvest will be a good healing time in many ways. I love your bible bag - the colours are wonderful!

Piglottie said...

So sorry to hear you're not feeling well Anni. Hopefully your visit to Spring Harvest will be a good healing time in many ways. I love your bible bag - the colours are wonderful!

Shelley said...

I've been wanting to make a Bible bag or something myself. I've had the idea for several months, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Yours is awesome!

Hope you are feeling a lot better, especially for your trip. Have a good one!

Anni said...

thank you everyone. Feeling a bit better and nearly ready to go. I'll let you have the pattern for my case when I get back from holiday Shelley.