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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can't think of a title.......

Lacking ........ inspiration today. Yesterday I had lots to write about but didn't get around to it and now my mind has gone blank..........

Okay, here goes. I got this book on Tuesday. It's written by the Yarn Harlot. Brilliant book. It's so funny. I keep laughing out loud when I read it. Read some while sitting in the car outside school yesterday. The other mums must have thought I was mad when they walked past with me sitting there laughing. This book is seriously funny. Would love to quote some stuff but don't won't to infringe copyright. So get the book yourself.

I'm having a bit of a destash later. I'm hoping to sort out some stash that I'm happy to sell. I've got far too much and have got yarn that I know I may not never get around to knitting although I loved it when I bought it. I'll be listing it in the Craft Market on Crafty Yarns & Threads forum (link in the sidebar) and on my website. But be quick. I'm hoping it'll go quickly. I'm offering free patterns with yarn purchase too.

Talking about my website, I've finally (after nearly a year) worked out how to add a Paypal shopping cart to my website. Yes, I'm a bit slow and a website numptie. But I've done it. Have had to redesign my website a bit to fit it in and I'm not finished yet but it's nearly done so hoping to launch the new site later today. It'll make it much easier to purchase patterns directly through my website via Paypal. I'm hoping this will increase sales. I've also got several more patterns I'm working on. Some are finished and need photographing and typing up and some are still on the needles. But I'm planning to be much better with getting my patterns typed up promptly.

And good news for Norwegian 'Falling in Love' sock knitters. Anne-Ruth has kindly agreed to translate this pattern to Norwegian for me. Yes I could have had a go at this myself but I've not knitted a sock from a Norwegian pattern for probably over 20 years and I would be just useless with the Norwegian knitting terminology and when I came across Anne-Ruth's Norwegian translation of the Hedera socks I was so impressed. Then I also saw pics of her 'Falling in love' sock so decided to ask her. Thank you Anne-Ruth for helping me out. Check out her blog if you can. It's brill.

What else is new? Not much really. I've been going through some of my patterns and photos and decided that my photos aren't good enough so I'm going to redo some. For some socks especially this means I'm going to have to reknit the socks as most of the ones I've knitted for the patterns are on my feet or someone elses feet and are getting worn out now. To help me get better photos I'm thinking of getting some mannequin legs. I've been looking on Ebay and prices vary so much but some are really cheap. Also been looking at Dress Forms and found some as cheap as £5 including p&p. Just wonder how good they'll be. Would make taking photographs so much easier though. Difficult decision though. Were would I store it forstarters. Especially the dress form would take up a lot of room and I don't have my own work room and the spare room is already full of junk. will have to think about this for a while.

Quck pic of one of my wips. This is a shawl for Emily using Posh Yarn's Helena 4ply. It's much thicker than any other 4ply I've ever used though. Lovely to knit with and lovely coluors. The pattern is 'Crest of the wave'. Emily loves it and I'm getting close to finishing it. May prioritise this today to get it done.

Anyway, enough of my mindless dribble. Off to do some more work on my website and start that destashing.

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TutleyMutley said...

I wouldn't have thought you were breaching copyright if you quote the source? Like in academic essays. I've done that before anyway - quoted and ensured that authorship is credited.
A rather worried tutmut...