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Friday, February 02, 2007

Lace and variegated yarn = problems

Had a swatching day again today. I've got 4 skeins (400 yds) of Posh Eva (cashmere/silk) sock yarn. It's a gorgeour colour but I don't want to do socks. I got 4 skeins so I could do something biggerwith it. I'm thinking a shawl or scarf of some sort. And I love lace. But variegated yarn and lace don't seem to go very well together. Today I swatched for this diamond pattern but it disappears int he yarn colours.

So I'm thinking perhaps Forest Canopy shawl instead. But must check out if I have enough first. I must be about the only person in the online knitting world who hasn't done the Forest Canopy shawl yet and I do like it. Crafty threads n yarns are having a knitalong with this pattern so perhaps I'll join.
Also did this tiny swatch in Baby Alpaca from Garnstudio today. the pattern is one of the lace patterns in the sampler shawl in Victorian Lace Today.

Falling in love socks.

The feedback I've had on the Falling in love socks is briliant and very positive. Barbara W who testknitted it for me said the instructions for toe up were easy to follow. And Linda has started. She found the instructions for the short row socks easy to follow and she hasn't done toe up socks before. So if you're new to toe up socks, give it a go. And remember I'm always here to answer any questions.

Silja let me know about a Norwegian sock knitalong and the host of the knitalong is using the FIL sock pattern for her February socks.

If you see anymore around in blog land, please let me know. Its fun to see people knitting my pattern.

I've joined another sock knitalong - Sock a month 3 . Very pleased to be able to join this one. I missed the last one. I've not made much progress on my first pair of socks in February though. Too many other projects whizzing around in my head.
Off to bed now. It's 10pm and I'm very, very tired and we have a busy weekend ahead. Gotta plan my knitting projects for NOrway and get up to date with washing and ironing (no chance!!! LOL).
Nite all and have a good weekend.
And to any NOrwegians reading this - is there any snow in the Oslo area (south of Oslo, Son to be specific) Is it cold? Or as mild as it was at Christmas? Want to pack as little as possible but don't want to freeze.


Piglottie said...

Your Falling in Love socks are wonderful Anni! Definitely on my to do list.

Re: The Forest Canopy Shawl. I actually think that this shawl suits variagated yarn more. I knitted one in a plain (well, tweed) yarn and as much as I love it, I've seen a lot of variagated FCS and prefer them.

Hope you have a good visit in Norway. Safe journey!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Piglottie. I'm still thinking about FC shawl and think I'll order the pattern later today.

Silja Devine said...

in østfold it is more or less like at christmas regarding the snow, very little. There is more ice on the ground and the temperatures keep jumping up and down.

herpcrazie said...

I've got my first sock on the needles. I'm at the ankle and working my way up the leg. I'm making them knee-hi, so pretty soon I'll need to start increasing. I have some awful photos on my blog, and hope to get some better ones there soon.