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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm here

I finally managed to get the packing done and flew to Norway yesterday. The train trip well and I knitted half a sock (toe up). I forgot to bring hte rough pattern for the sock I'm doing and couldn't remember the formula for turning the heel on the gusset version of my toe up socks. Luckily I can print off the MagKnits ones and work it out for these. Also working on a cashmere shawl design but not sure if I'm happy and thinking of frogging it. Gauge too loose and thinking about doing a triangular shawl rather than rectangular. Decisions, decisions!!!

Seen both my grandparetns today. My grandfather looked worse than I expected. So sad to see him after his stroke. He is so different to what he was a month ago but progressing slowly. They were both pleased to see me. Also saw my sister and nephew at the hospital which was very nice. Had a long day today and I'm shattered and done no knitting at all.

I had to take my Gran to the doctors this morning and I parked just outside a gorgeous looking yarn shop. I'd planned to pop in before I took her back to the nursing home but was in ah urry to get her back in time for a hair cut (which was then cancelled). But the shop is just off the main road to Oslo so will pop in another day. But only for a look....................

And we've got snow. Quite a lot of it too. Bit of a shock driving in the snow again. Very slippery too. I was careful though and was getting back into it on the way home. Will take some snowy pics over the weekend.

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