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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Domestic Goddess

I've been very domesticated today. SHOCK HORROR!!!! Actually I was forced to be domestic today. Our house has been a tip for quite a long time now. Just too much junk everywhere so we've set aside this weekend to have a major dejunk. And Simon has Monday off for us to carry on then. I decided to concentrate on the bedroom today. We have a built in cupboard where I keep all my towels, paperwork and lots of other storage stuff.

So I pulled it all out apart from all the paper work which I'll do another day. I bagged up lots of yarn to be given to a charity which is collecting craft stuff to send to Africa. I tidied all the rest of my stash into plastic boxes and it's all neatly stacked away now. Lots of stuff that was in the spare bedroom now fits neatly into the cupboard. Also tidied all the stuff under the bed. In the end Ispent most of the afternoon in there and threw away 4 refuse sacks full of junk.

Spending that long cleaning/tidying is not good for my neck/back and now I'm in agony. Also tired as Ididn't get to sleep until 2.30 last night. Really bad pain in my right shoulder. Early night tonight.

And I've hardly done any knitting today. Got to change that this evening.

I decided to have a go at the 'Myrtle shawl' from Victorian Lace Today last night. Shouldn't cast on for another wip but I was just tempted. In the end I frogged it as Ididn't like the way the yarn was knitting up. I'll finish my 'Alpine' scarf before I start anotehr one from the book. It's going to be so difficult to choose my next project from there though.

My Phoebe shawl got frogged too. And restarted in a different stitch pattern. Keeping it very simple as the yarn has plenty of texture. Will do a pic tomorrow.

Nite all.


Emily said...

Your alpine stole was looking beautiful - lovely colours. Very frustrating with the change, but I think it'll still look lovely.

I'd love to know how the poshyarn cashmere socks hold up!

Thanks for the comment on my (verys imple) hearts stole, BTW!

Emily said...

And thanks for your lovely comment! I've looked at your designs - most lovely. Are they selling well?

I was a little bit frustrated I couldn't see the knit patterns better in the pictures (thinking of some of the rib/cable patterned socks - wanted to 'click to make bigger', I found).

Meant as helpful comment, not criticism, just want to see the details of your lovely designs!

sheep#100 said...

I hear you on the temptation to cast on. I've got a sweater vest on the needles right now and I really don't like having more than one "large" project going at a time. But I really want to cast on a shawl. Good thing I don't have an empty spare project bag lying about the house. Of course, I suppose I could go buy one...