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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Norway Day 6 - I found a yarn shop!!!!

Finally found a yarn shop today. Actually a bit unfair to say finally as I haven't looked before as today was the first day the shops were open since christmas. Anyway, it was a lovely little yarn shop in the tiny town near where my parents live. They had a good selection of Garnstudio asnd some other Norwegian brands. I've been keen to try some Garn Studio yarn for ages so got 2 balls of Alpaca 4ply to knit a pair of socks. Also got a ball of plain wool to do inside pockets on a bag I'm knitting. I brought some Collinette Grafitti with me whic when I bought it I really wanted to knit a felted bag with but then thought maybe a scarf. Started swatching last night and settled for a bag eventually. Love the Graffitti. Gorgeous colour and lovely to knit with. Just hope I've got enough to do what Iwant.

Finished my first pair of Jitterbug (Fruit coulis) socks last night. My sister thought they looked lovely yesterday and today she took them home. I really wanted them but thought, never mind, I can knit another pair. Don't think Jitterbug is for sale in Norway. Got some other Jitterbug with me too. Think I've brought too much yarn with me. Too ambitious I think. As the Crhistmas weekend is over now we'll probably get out and about a bit more and Iwon't have as much time to knit.

It's been very family orientated up until now and I think it's getting a bit boring for Mr YA and the girls. Especially for Mr YA as he doesn't speak Norwegian and my sister and her fmaily were here for tea last night and today and we tend to talk in Norwegian even though everyone speaks English.

Got to see my 2 year old nephew again. He is a lovely, lively boy and cam to visit yesterday and then stayed the night and we spent the day with him today. He seemed to like his two big girl cousins. Especially Em who he had a bath with last night and he wanted her to get in the bath again this morning but luckily she was already dressed. Took him to the play area this morning and played on the swings and slide. good fun for all the kids.

Planning to go to Oslo tomorrow. Wanted to go to the Science museum but I doubt it's open so will probably go to the Vigerlands Park/Frogner park and then some shopping. Hoping to find another yarn shop or two tomorrow. Really msut not buy too much yarn on this holiday though as my stash is getting a bit silly. Definitel y a stash along when I get back.

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