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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Loving it!

I love cluster maps. It's such a thrill to click on it every day to see where in the world people read my blog from. I'm amazed at all the different countries. Even some very unusual ones where I didn't expect readers from. If you're reading from a foreign country please post a comment to say hello. I'd love to hear what you think of my blog and how you found it. And whether you read it often or never intend to read it again.LOL. Don't worry I can take criticism. I'm amazed that anyone bother reading my blog at all

Back to socks (well, I can't have a post without socks). Here's another new design - mini horse shoe lace down the middle and cables and rib each side with a picot bind off. It's knitted toe up with short row toes and heels. First toe up sock and short rows. Did knit the foot on another one in this pattern first but the shortrows looked awful so started again. Much better at second attempt.

started one last night with all cables. It's going to be called 'Pure Cable'. I had to really get my thinking cap on for this one and even had to draw the design out on graph paper to get it all right. STarted just before I intended to go to bed and ended up staying up till midnight before I got it right. Nearly finished the cuff now. Thinking of trying a different heel too this time.

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