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Monday, October 30, 2006

Domestic Bliss

My house was in the usual domestic chaos this morning but it slowly being transformed into a haven of domestic bliss - well maybe not, but I'm getting there. I've had a very productive morning, considering I stayed up till past midnight and got up at 6am. I'm SO tired and fell as leep for a bit this morning. My neck's not been too bad but the pain is starting to really take hold now but I've cleaned all the worktops (including behind the microwave) and tiles around the worktop in the kitchen and tidied it all up and cleaned the cooker top which was rather unhygienic.

I've tried to tidy up downstairs and made some progres apart from my knitting all over the coffee table. And I've bleached the shower and emptied all the bins ready for binday tomorrow. I'm also half way through sorting through recycling ready for tomorrow.

I wanted to do some ironing (got nothing to wear tomorrow) and bag up my Avon delivery but I've run out of stamina now. Worried if I do too much more I'll end up in agony again.

Now, this may sound rather patethic to most of you but it's more than I get done in an average day. My neck pain stops me from doing too much housework in one go and I'm really rather impressed with myself. Just a quick glance at Knitters Yarn forum and then I'll go and start sorting through Avon....... or maybe just do some knitting instead. LOL. I'm sure my customers won't mind waiting for another day or two.

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Lyonheart said...

Stop! You've reminded me of all the stuff I need to do around the house . . .