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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I've given in and decided to have another go at socks. A few months ago I started my first pair of socks in 15 years. Finished one sock and was very proud. did about 5 rounds of the second sock and it's still at the bottom of my knitting basket. It was the basic Opal pattern and I just find it soooo BORING!! But with all the lacy socks I've seen on Angel Forum lately I've been tempted to have a go.

Printed off the Hedera patters from Knitty. Got some lovely Lornas Laces at GK on Saturday and started this morning. And I've nearly finished the cuff already, just look:
Hoping to finish the first sock tonight. Maybe I'll get bitten by the sock bug after all.

My other major project is a lace stole from 'Lavish Lace' knitted Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino Dream. This pattern is lovely but takes a long time to knit so I'm making slow progress.

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Anonymous said...

That looks great anni,can't wait to see it completed.