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Friday, September 01, 2006


Off to Bristol for the Open Day tomorrow. So I've been warming up today (well, you have to warm up when you are going to look through an entire warehouse full of yarn) by having a look in Derry's yarn department (which is closing in November!!!!

In the picture are the 4 balls of Rowan Big Wool & 1 ball of Rowan Biggy Print (hat for daughter to match the scarf she is knitting herself) & some needles and bits & pieces from Derry's. And then there is the exciting bit - my order from Bright Dyes with some Opal sock wool, Merino 4ply and Merino dk and lots of lovely Kool Aid for me to play with. Planning to have a go at dyeing some of it on Monday with the girls. May have a go on Sunday by myself to practice as I've never done it before. Promised the girls we'd dye some yarn during the school hols but havne't gotten around to it yet, so we've got to do it on the last day of the summer hols (Monday). Leaving things to the last minute is the story of my life.

So now do you think I'm ready for the shopping challenge at Get Knitted? Anyone else going? Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gosh Anni, I just wouldn't be safe let loose in a warehouse full of yarn, my dh would probably divorce me when I returned home. Seriously though you pick some georgeous yarns and colours