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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Getting better at hand dyeing.

After my not 100% successful attempt at dyeing with Kool Aid I decided to have a go at dyeing with food colouring. With help from my friends at AY I armed myself with some Cream Alpaca and DB Cashmerino and got to work. I used condenced food colouring pastes.

The blue ones are DB Cashmerino and I tried to get them all the same colours (two tones - light blue and a darker blue) I've got 2 and 2 almost matching. Love the colour by the way.

The two pink ones are Alpaca. I used Purple Violet and diluted the paler pink more than the stronger colour. Really love this colour. Got some more Merino and Opal to dye too adn will definitely try to copy this colour. Stripy opal in these two colours would look fab.

Tried dying some silk too but colour wouldn't take so kept trying and trying. Well I think I cooked it too much as it's completely ruined and still with only a faint pastel colour. Never mind. Shame to ruin such a lovely yarn but at least I tried.

And here they are altogether.


DianeM said...

Ooooh lovely colours

Anni said...

Thank you. Have knitted one toddler sock out of the blue yarn now. Really pleased with the way it's come out. Very subtle stripes. Will definitely be dyeing some more.