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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kureyon Hats

I've been knitting hats for the last couple of days. They're so quick and easy to knit. Have tried out two patterns and the best one is the rib pattern. The hat photos are very blurry. Don't know why. I took about 5 pics of each hat and I swear I held the camera still. I think the kids may have mucked around with the settings on the camera. Will get hubby to look at it later and take new photos then. But in the mean time you have to put up with my blurry pics.


Anonymous said...

This is really eerie Annie, cos my cameras producing blurry pics too, now I'm wondering if it's the change in lighting, ie, the bright sunshine is waning and nights drawing in, as I only have a little pocket 3m pixel thing with a flash that has a mind of its own and keeps going off even in the daylight outside I'm guessing that could be something to do with it.
Anyway the hats are great and they look good in the Kureyon.

Anonymous said...

Husband had changed the setting on the camera. Back to normal now. I don't have a clue how his camera work. I can take pics and download them to the camera and that's it.