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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Great Inspiration

Why do I always get good ideas first thing in the morning or last thing at night?!!! Last night I was browsing lace patterns on Can't believe how many dischcloth patterns there were. Never thought of knitting dishcloths. Are they useable???

Anyway, trawled my way through lots of them and found some really inspiring patterns. After that about 10.30 pm I went downstairs and started knitting another scarf in Rowan Calmer ( a gorgeous pale gree colour which is just yummy). Had an idea that I just had to try out. Knitted quite a bit and it looked nice but the edges were far from neat so frogged it (another new pasttime for me it seems) and started again. Of course I couldn't put it down and it was 1am by the time I went to bed. No wonder I keep falling asleep in the afternoons. I stay up far too late these days and it's all due to knitting. Never mind, there are worse things I could be doing late at night I suppose.

Anyway, the new pattern is coming on really well. But what I really need is not to add to my already long list of wips but to finish some. Have now got 4 lace scarves on the go plus a shawl and sock. Got some more felted bags I want to do too. But will concentrate on lace patterns for the time being. I'm trying out ideas on scarves with the idea of knitting stoles or shawls if the pattern work out. Will post a photo later.

Also, watch this space. I'm going to be organised and efficient today. Need to start cleaning the kitchen ready for my mum's arrival on Sunday. So going to do the top cupboards this morning and then I want to start sorting through my stash and decide what to keep and what to list on Ebay. Not sold anything on Ebay for a while and miss it. And need to make some money so I can go to the Get Knitted open day in September with some money to spend. A bit boring if I can't buy anything. So watch this space. Will post a photo of my stash (be prepared for a shock) on here later and will post the links to Ebay. Although I may list some on the knitting forums I go on too.

Off to feed the kids now and start cleaning. Yes, that's cleaning, not knitting, DEFINITELY CLEANING AND NO KNITTING, I REPET NO KNITTING TILL PART OF THE KITCHEN IS DONE. Will tell you later if I manage to stick to that rule. What's the bet I won't?

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