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Monday, August 14, 2006

Design competition

Got my september Knitting mag yesterday and there is a design competition to design a knitting kit for . Had a look at their current range and it looks fab although it's only a small range. I'm definitely entering the competition. Was thinking of ideas all last night and I'm now working on idea no 1. The thing is most of their current kits are quite different from the things I design but hopefully they're looking for new and different ideas. Love their cases too. May have to get one.

Anyone else joining this competition? I decided to think of a new idea rather than use any of my excisting designs. I'm so excited. If this idea works out I think it'll look great. Difficult thing will be I can't post pics of work in progress or finished. Maybe I'll give you just a glimpse.

Not had much time to knit over the last few days. Been busy and my neck/back has been very, very bad and I've had problems sleeping. Went to Paignton Zoo on Saturday which was lovely. Not been for a few years and ejoyed seeing the new monkey enclosures. Sad to hear that the giraffes had dies in a fire recently especially as we'd seen their new baby giraffe on telly just a few weeks ago and now the whole giraffe family was dead. Very sad. On Sunday we went for a drive around a couple of local golf clubs (why? Ihear you ask - well, don't aske me, ask my mum who likes golf clubs. Don't know why). We stopped off at Jamaica Inn for a cream tea which was lovely. Typical Bodmin Moor weather, windy, cold and misty. Needed my winter coat.

Off to drool over some other blogs and yarn websites then back to my knitting. Adios.

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