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Friday, May 26, 2006

What a busy day.

Been rushed off my feet today and suffering now. Did a party this morning with a friend who sells Phoenix cards. I did my knitted handbags and some Avon bargain stuff. Sold two handbags, so well chuffed and a bit of Avon. Had a quick break and then picked my girls up from school. My oldest one has been away for a residential trip with her class. It's great to have her home again and she had a good time while away. Then cake decorating and helping my youngest daughter to do a table decoration for her Hostess Badge for Brownies tonight. We baked the cake a couple of days ago. She had to do all the work herself and she did most of it. Now I'm just off to chuck a pizza in the oven as I'm too tired to do anything else, then it's off to a Brownie Talent Show, where youngest daughter is playing keyboard and showing off her cake and table decs. No time for knitting today. Desperate to finish another felted bag. Not got much left. Will have to make up the knitting time over the weekend. Got an order foranother bag too if I can get hold of the wool which I'm hoping to buy from The Natural Dye Studio on Ebay, which is great shop with beautiful hand-dyed wool. Any comments please let me know.

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