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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Free Pattern & Discounts on Online Courses

We're in the middle of some very difficult times at the moment. I've spent the last week trying to process everything that's happening and keeping my anxiety under control. I'm not sure whether I should be carrying on as normal or go into full panic mode. I'm sure many of you feel the same. I'm trying to not worry about the things I can't control which I'm normally pretty good at but it's a struggle these days. I'm sure many of you are in the same situation.

Here in the UK, we've been told to self-isolate as much as possible but we're not in full lock down like some other countries. Shops, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, gyms, hair & beauty salons etc are all still open but we've been told not to visit them unless it's essential. Schools are closing tomorrow and many businesses are telling their staff to work from home.

Yarn shows are being cancelled. The two I was attending that have been cancelled so far is Wonderwool Wales and Cornish Fibre Festival. I've only had one workshop cancelled so far but I'm sure more will be cancelled soon. I think yarn shops are waiting till the last minute to make a decision. This period we're facing worldwide will be very hard for small independent businesses like yarn shops, indie dyers, knitting and crochet designers. A big chunk of my income comes from shows and workshops so my income will be drastically reduced over the coming weeks (or possibly months).

I'm making some plans to move some stuff online. I will start filming online workshops next week but it's time consuming to create the content, film and edit the videos and create the online courses but I'll have more time if I'm staying home all the time. So if there's a workshop you'd like to do, let me know by clicking reply to this e-mail or telling me on social media. I'm also planning some free content for you.

In my Love of Lace Knitting Facebook Group I'm planning to host a mystery knitalong starting next week. I'm still working on the details but I will design the pattern, knit it and share the process with you and you can knit along with me. I will probably do live streams in the Facbook Group which I will save and then share on You Tube for those of you not on Facebook. I may also pre-record some videos.

An e-mail has been sent out to my Newsletter List with a coupon code for a free pattern
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If you're in my Love of Lace Knitting Facebook Group, there's a pinned post there with another free coupon code for you. So you can get two free patterns if you're a member of the group or join the group.

The coming weeks will be hard for many of us. Many people, myself included, will have our income reduced drastically. So if you're able to, please support your favourite indie businesses.

If you'd like to support me by making a purchase, you can browse my Ravelry Pattern Shop, choose from a selection of yarns, kits, beads and my books in my YarnAddict Online Shop (I will be adding more shalws to the Shawl Sample Sale in the coming weeks too) and I also have three online courses, Finishing School for Hand Knitters, Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl and the Aventuras Sock Course (learn to knit socks toe up, top down with a choice of two different afterthought heels and two different toes).

For my Online Courses I'm offering US $5 off each course until end of March 2020 (the courses are priced in US  dollars because they're hosted on a US site). See each course for details of full price and what's included in the course. Finishing School for Hand Knitters, Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl Aventuras Sock Course

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