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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Woolfest & Scotland

I ended up taking a bit of an unintentional blog break. Before Woolfest which was 10 days ago, things were really busy and I was struggling to keep up with blogging. Woolfest was a big success. And I'm so grateful to everyone who supported us and to the organisers who do a fab job every year. The day before Woolfest we spent a day exploring the Lace District (see photo above).

It's quite a challenge to transform a cattle pen in a livestock market into a pop up shop. Above is the before photo after we've unloaded some of our stock. Below is how our sock yarn/4ply section looked.

And this is the lace weight section.

The biggest challenge at shows is how to show off as many designs as possible. We took advantage of the rails opposite our stall to show off (from left to right): La Scala, Venezia and Crescendo.

I had brought too much yarn and we struggled to fit it all in. I would have loved to have a double stall but was only offered a single stall. We ended up going to Aldi to see if we could find something we could use as a display and we got this plant display unit.

The day after Woolfest we drove to the north of Scotland to visit my sister in law and her husband. We stayed with them for five nights and made the most of the four full days we had to explore the area south of the Moray Firth. The weather was amazing. Wall to wall sunshine and hot temperatures.

Above is the River Ness in Inverness and below is the Caledonian Canal near Inverness. Three years ago we went on a cruise from this lock to Loch Ness but this time we just went for a short walk along the canal.

We explored several local beaches. Below is the beach at Lossiemouth.

We were lucky enough at Spey Bay (below) to see a seal bogging around in the River Spey. However it was a bit further out so we could just spot it.

Below is Hopeman beach which is the village where we stayed. 

I'd hoped to finish my Rico socks while I was away but only got a few rounds done. However, I just finished the second sock this lunchtime.

I did do a bit of knitting on the Zauberball Cotton shawl which is knitting up beautifully. By the time I got home I was over half way through this shawl. 

Most of my knitting time was taken up with a deadline project which is a new design for a magazine. I had to finish this by the time we got home. 

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