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Monday, June 04, 2018

Weekend Knitting!

The last month has been unusually dry and sunny here in Cornwall and as a result we've had some gorgeous weekends. Since our new dog Alfie joined us we've made an effort to take him to interesting places for walks on the weekends. He hates going in the car but he loves the walks once we get to our destination. Yesterday we decided to drive up to Bellever on Dartmoor. This is a woodland area, although it doesn't look like that in my photos. The woodlands were behind and to the right of where I was taking most of the photos.

I actually have a shawl named after this area - the Bellever shawl.

There's a grassy area next to a river and it's very, very popular with local families. It was actually a lot busier than it looks. I took the photos when we first got there and within an hour there were more people on the other side of the river and in front of us. The sun came out too.

My knee had been bad for a couple of days and walking on uneven surfaces aggravates the pain so I sat knitting and listening to an audio book while Simon and Emily walked Alfie.

Then Simon and I took Alfie for a short walk up the river to a bridge. 
Alfie loves water. He's not keen on swimming but he likes paddling and he loves moving water, especially river flowing over rocks and waves on the beach. If there's rapid moving water going over rocks in a river, he goes totally bonkers.

I brought my sock to work on and finished the foot, put in the waste yarn for the afterthought heel and started the leg. I can't wait to finish this sock. I love how the Rico yarn is knitting up.

When we got home, I sat in the garden knitting on my linen shawl while Simon was BBQing our dinner. I love the colours in this shawl and how it's working up. Can't wait to share more with you. I'm hoping to release the pattern in July.

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