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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Busy knitting

It's been a busy week. I've been alternating between relaxing and recovering from last weekend's Woolfest and catching up on work. There's been lots of knitting which means I'm 3/4 through my new shawl design. I'm hoping to finish it by Saturday as I need to get something else on the needles before the end of the weekend.
Yesterday and today, I've been busy knitting class samples for my new Orenburg Lace Knitting workshop which I'm teaching for the first time at Spin A Yarn tomorrow. Orenburg is an area of Russia which is known for fine lace shawls knitted out of very fine yarn spun from local goat down. While knitting the samples, I've been mulling over future design ideas using Orenburg techniques and lace patterns. The pale blue swatch was knitted in a new yarn I'm considering stocking.
There have been a few new arrivals this week. First up, at Woolfest last weekend, I stocked up on buttons from The Textile Garden. I got a set of Hiya Hiya Interchangeable needles from Easyknits. I'm just experimenting with Hiya Hiya to see if I like them. My first impressions are good! The project bag is from The Little Grey Girl and I think it'll become one of my favourites.
I couldn't get both the Hiya Hiya sizes I wanted at Woolfest, so I ordered more from Countess Ablaze together with two Hiya Hiya snips which are super sharp and perfect for travel knitting. They're even small enough to be allowed on planes. Last week, a new little plastic box arrived from Yarnistry. It's got four compartments on the top and one large one on the bottom and is a very useful little storage tool. I'm still working out how to make the best use of it. I couldn't resist the little sheep pouch from a local shop. It now lives in my handbag and holds my lipsticks and hand cream etc.

Tomorrow, Friday 30 June 2017, is the last day for 30% off the Murano pattern. There are only three kits left in stock. They're all in the Turquoise/String colourway.

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