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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm off to Jersey

I'm leaving for Jersey today and I'm taking two brand new projects with me. The first one is urgent as I realised a few days ago that I had one project left to knit for my next book which I need to finish this month. Fortunately the design was all planned out so I just quickly had to write up the pattern and cast on. I've worked on this over the weekend. As this is urgent it will be my priority project on this trip. But it's an all over lace pattern in a heavy lace yarn so I've decided I need to bring something a bit easier too. The advantage of this lace shawl is that it's very light and fits into a small project pouch so I can easily pop it in my hand bag.

This morning I cast on for a new shawl design. I've wanted to use this green Lang Merino 200 for ages and I decided it looks great with the grey. This design will be relatively easy but it will include some beaded lace knitting. I'm popping this in my suitcase for when I need a break from the fine lace shawl or if I need something easier to knit on. 

I'm going to Jersey to teach four workshops this weekend. There are still spaces on some of the workshops. You can read the details here. 

Do you take knitting with you when you travel? I usually take socks and lace shawls but I'm not bringing socks with me this time as I need to finish both of these shawls. I'm hoping to finish the teal one while I'm away which may be a bit optimistic.

I'm taking the teal shawl to knit on during my flight. Whenever anyone mentions knitting and flying among knitters a debate about whether or not knitting needles are allowed starts. According to the British government, knitting needles are allowed on flights but I suspect it'll come down to the person you deal with at security. I've taken knitting on flights with me for 10 years now without any problems. 

I shared my top tips for travel knitting in this post.  

I used to put some spare needle in my hold luggage, just in case my needle got confiscated but these days we mainly travel with hand luggage only so I put some spare tips (or even screw the tips off all my projects) in a pencil case together with some pens. I have taken knitting projects with metal double pointed needles and circular needles through security lots of times now and I've never had a problem. I try to make sure there's nothing in my hand luggage that will cause them to search me so I make sure I've got no liquids, scissors etc.

I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures from Jersey when we get back next week but if you want to see updates from my trip, follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I'll be posting daily. 

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