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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I'm knitting as fast as I can

I haven't told you about what I'm knitting for a while. I'm frantically working on a deadline project right now. It was a short deadline and I must admit I'm not in love with the yarn or the colour which makes it more difficult but I'm hoping to finish today.

I had to put my blue shawl on hold to work on the deadline project so as soon as the deadline shawl is off the needles, I'll be going back to focusing on this blue shawl. I need to cast on for another urgent deadline project this weekend so I'm really keen to finish this shawl before then. My project bag with this shawl in it, is sitting next to my chair calling to me and its taking all the will power I have to not pick it up.

As soon as the blue shawl is done, I'll be working on this shawl which I haven't touched for a couple of weeks. I will try to work on this alongside my new deadline project. My goal is to finish it before we leave for Jersey in mid-May.

I'm having a week where I'm not teaching at all nor have I had any other commitments or appointments during the day so far this week (although I do tomorrow and Friday). This means I've had more time to focus on catching up on work. Next week will be short week as Monday is a public holiday here, Tuesday is Simon's birthday and we're taking the day off and on Friday I'll be teaching. So my goal for this week is to work on some deadline projects, finish blocking and finalising patterns for my next book. That means there are shawls and other projects blocking on my dining room table around the clock.  

I'm also aiming for Inbox Zero this week. I'm currently behind on e-mails and I need to catch up this week and I'm also working on putting some new procedures in place to stay on top of my inbox issue. May is going to be incredibly busy with public holidays, workshops, a teaching trip to Jersey (there are still spaces, I think - details here) and my parents visiting. So this week is my chance to get ahead a bit.

By the way, I'll be teaching Lace Improvers on Friday 5 May and Shetland Lace Knitting on 16 May at The Wool Merchant in Dartington, Devon. If you're interested in either workshops, do contact the shop to see if there are spaces.

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