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Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Mini Tip - Weaving In Ends

Today's Mini Tip Tutorial is about weaving in ends in the middle of a row. I often hear knitters say that they've been told to never join yarns in the middle of a row. Always join a new yarn at the beginning of a row. If you're going to be seaming the edge, then this is good advice but that doesn't mean you should never join in a new yarn in the middle of a row.

I've got a new shawl design coming very soon and in this shawl, you have to join in a new yarn in the middle of a row so therefore you will also have to weave in two ends in the middle of a row. There may also be other times, when you've knitted partway across a long row, and suddenly realised you're running out of yarn and you don't want to unpick back to the beginning of the row. Don't worry, you can easily weave in ends in the middle of a row.

I'm weaving in two ends on a shawl that is worked in garter stitch but this works the same for stocking stitch.

You can also watch the video here.

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