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Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Mini Tip Tutorial - German Short Rows

Short rows allow you to add extra rows of fabric to your knitting. You will knit partway across the row then turn and work back. If you just turn and carry on knitting, you will get a hole where you turned. The various methods of working short rows deal with how to avoid getting that hole. 

Short rows can be used for many, many things. Some common uses are: adding bust shaping to a sweater or cardigan, shape shoulders on a sweater or cardigan, work heels on socks, change direction in your knitting, add a wedge of fabric and lots more. Short rows may seem intimidating when you've not tried them before but they're really not that hard. 

Above is a swatch of using short rows to shape a shoulder. You can learn how in my Professional Finishing Techniques workshops which I teach in shops (see here) or as an online workshop.

I used to recommend wrap and turn short rows because they're the most common method of working short rows but a couple of years ago I learnt how to work German short rows and this is now my favourite method. They're easy to learn and to remember and you basically do the same thing whether you're working on a right or wrong side row.

My Dartmeet shawl uses German short rows to insert a wedge at each end of the shawl. In the photo above you can see the short rows worked in garter stitch and below you can see a section of short rows worked in a simple lace pattern. Don't worry, you actually stop the lace pattern a few stitches before you turn so the lace pattern isn't affected by the short rows.

In the video below, I work short rows in stocking stitch but as Dartmeet is worked in garter stitch, you basically treat each row as a right side row.

You can also watch the video here.

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