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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Knitting as fast as I can

I'm sorry I missed posting a Mini Tip Tutorial yesterday. It's been a busy couple of weeks and I just didn't get around to preparing a tutorial last week and yesterday I was exhausted after a very busy weekend. I have got a mega tutorial for you next week, if it all works out. Two years ago my Mum knitted the Dale Garn Sochi Olympic sweater for Simon. Since then he's lost weight and the sweater is too big. So I'm going to show how I'm going to make it smaller by cutting it. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see little sneak peeks during the week. I'm hoping to start this afternoon.

Although I'm not knitting any Christmas presents, I am trying to finish a couple of things before Christmas. I want to finish my Sockhead hat in Sitting Knitting's hand-dyed sock yarn. As this doesn't match my winter coat, I'm planning to knit another one. The second one I'm planning to cast on & hopefully finish the rib before we leave for Norway next week and then see if I can finish the rest of the hat while we travel. We have a long car journey (during the night) to get to the airport plus the normal airport waiting time and a 2 hour flight. More about this later.

I have hardly touched my Malabrigo shawl over the last few days. I originally wanted to finish this before we leave for Norway but I doubt that'll happen. It's looking good so far though. The key fob leather ruler is from I Love Handles.

I think I'll only be able to finish one big project before we leave for Norway, so I've decided to finish my new Lang design instead of the Malabrigo shawl.

I've just increased a bunch of stitches and now have nearly 500 stitches on the needles but I'm still enjoying this. I'm probably about halfway and I'm really keen to finish this before we leave next week. I've got a week to get it done in which shouldn't be a problem.

Are you knitting for Christmas? Or are you knitting for yourself? 

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