Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas wips

I had hoped to finish my new Malabrigo shawl before we leave for Norway but that didn't happen. I have at least a couple of days more knitting to do. I'm not taking this project with me to Norway.

I did manage to finish my Sockhead hat and attached the pink pom pom. I love it but Ithink it may be a bit too slouchy for my taste.

I've been reassured it looks good though. Here's a bad selfie I took.

I've swatched for one of my holiday projects and when I typed up the chart I changed my mind about half of it. I've also decidedto add beads. I had hoped to cast on before we left but that didn't happen either. The yarn is Zauberball. 

I'm also taking a Laceball project. I've typed up my lace chart but didn't get time to swatch.

I've also taken sock yarn for socks for me & yarn for a Sockhead hat for Simon. I cast on for another Sockhead hat for myself too. I've knitted the rib today so I can knit the stocking stitch section in the car tonight. We're driving to the airport near London overnight as we have an early flight. I forgot to take a picture today of my new hat wip but I'm loving the yarn.

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