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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Monogamous knitting?

I used to have lots of projects on the go at any one time but these days I'm much more monogamous. Or if not completely monogamous, I'm focusing on two or three projects at a time. For the last few weeks my two main projects have been a lace garment in purple cashmere and a shawl in Lang (on the left below).


I was desperate to finish the purple cashmere garment by last weekend as the girls were both home for the weekend and I was planning to get one of them to model for me. Unfortunately I failed and finished on Monday. Last week, except for some swatching for new designs and sewing up and doing all the finishing details on a new sweater design, I only worked on the cashmere garment when I was at home. Had I been more monogamous in the weeks prior to last week, I may have reached my goal of finishing this by last weekend. I get easily bored so I like to have variety in my current projects. I tend to have an easy project and a more complex project on the go as well as a pair of socks for portable knitting.

Anyway, the cashmere garment is done. It's a big thing and I ended up with more than 1000 stitches. Now I need to find another solution re having it photographed. I may even model it myself as I won't see the girls till late in November. I did knit this sample for myself. I will have a smaller version knitted up to use as my official sample for shows. The pattern will include two sizes.

I completely ignored my Lang shawl last week and I've been excited about getting back to it. I'm nearly halfway through and I'm looking forward to finishing it so I can wear it. It's going to be so cozy and warm.

It's starting to get quite chilly here and my hands are always cold. I love wearing fingerless gloves in the autumn and winter. I had a lovely pair last winter but I lost them. So I decided I needed a new pair and I thought I may as well design a new pattern. I cast on yesterday and finished the first glove in the evening (except for the thumb which I need to add later). Last night I cast on for the second one and I've nearly finished that one now. Hopefully I can finish the pair tonight so I can wear them when I travel to my Norwegian Selbu Mittens workshop at Spin A Yarn tomorrow. The pattern will be out in November/December.

I do have an idea for another pair too. I'd like a longer pair and I'm thinking I may cast on for it this weekend.

Earlier this year, I treated myself to a bright yellow Field Bag which is made by the Fringe Supply Co exclusively for La Bien Aimee & L'Oisive The. The Fringe Supply Co sell these bags in several more neutral colours but I was thinking it would be perfect in a bright pink. So a few weeks ago when I saw that they'd made a pink Field Bag exclusively for The Plucky Knitter, I immediately ordered one.  My cashmere garment has been living in it lately. I love that I can keep it on the floor by my knitting chair and the ball of yarn stays in the bag as I knit (rather than roll around on the floor) and there's plenty of room for my knitting, yarn and any notions I need for the project.

I'm increasingly getting into pink as witnessed by this photo I took a few weeks ago. I was wearing a pink dress, pink shoes, pink poncho (Portofino) and using my pink Field Bag and there was some pink in the cheerful flowers Simon got me for our anniversary a few weeks ago.

Are you a monogamous knitter? Or do you like to have several projects on the go? Tell me in the comments!

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Unknown said...

Like you, Annika, I get bored with projects very quickly, so I usually have 2-3 projects on the go at any one time. I am currently waiting to finish off a poncho/jumper, a cowl and a wrap - I hate finishing off! And I am in the middle of another wrap. The last 3 are Christmas pressies and the poncho is for me - it's only been 2 years in the making. Love following your blog.

YarnAddictAnni said...

Yes I understand the finishing issues. It's not the most fun job but it's got to be done. Good luck with the Christmas knitting Sue.