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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday WIP - Third time lucky?

I finished my Botany Lace shawl.  I bought this colourful skein with no idea what I wanted to do with it. I fancied something quick and fun to knit while I was waiting to cast on for the Gondola KAL so I cast on with the Botany Lace. Six days later I had a colourful little shawl. I've blocked it and I will share all when I get the pattern and photos done. The pattern will be out in September.

As soon as I released Part 2 of the Gondola KAL, I got on with knitting it. I decided to work two repeats and they knitted up fairly quickly and I love the result. If you haven't joined yet, there's still time to join us. Download the free pattern and read all about it.

We're on holiday this week but we're staying at home and going to a local Christian festival, Creation Fest, most days. I wanted a fairly easy project to knit on. I grabbed two balls of Zauberball I've wanted to knit with recently and cast on. I did knit a small swatch and wasn't 100% happy so I made a change and cast on. Bad idea. I should have swatched again.

I knitted quite a few rows and then decided I didn't like it and ripped it all out.

I made some changes and decided that I didn't need to swatch and cast on again. I got nearly as far as the first time and decided that it still wasn't working and ripped it out again.

I'm now on the third attempt and I've just gotten past the point where I ripped out the first idea. And amazingly I didn't swatch this time either but I'm happy this time. So far the yarn has been dark purple but I'm moving into light blue which will be much easier to knit.

I'm also working on Part 3 of the Gondola KAL. I've finally gotten the chart ready and I will knit a swatch to make sure I like it, and I need to finish writing up that part of the pattern before I release it. As we're on holiday this week, I'm not working much so it's taken me a bit longer to get through everything but I will definitely have the pattern ready for Friday, I'm hoping it'll be ready before. This evening I'm going to swatch Part 3. 

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Unknown said...

Love the Zauberball - what is the colour is it 1699?

Unknown said...

Still finishing off the second repeat of part 2,buy catching up fast after a late start!
Loving so far,