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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mini Tip - Long Tail Cast On Tips - Part 2

If you missed the first part of my long tail cast on tutorial check last week's Mini Tip tutorial. I also did a Periscope broadcast last week with some useful tips for long tail and thumb cast on mehtods. 

The long tail cast on and thumb cast on gives the same look but the yarn is held differently. So any advice I have given for the long tail cast on also applies to the thumb cast on.

When you do the long tail cast on, the first row is a wrong side row. If you use the long tail cast on, cast on a few stitches and start knitting the first row. Look at the knots at the bottom of the first row of stitches (see second photo below). 

When you start knitting the second row, look at how much neater the cast on edge looks (see top photo below).

The right side of the cast on edge.

The wrong side of the cast on edge.

So after working the long tail cast on, work a wrong side row first. If your knitting has an edging, like garter stitch, moss stitch or rib, just work row 2 first and then work one row more or less than the pattern states.

If you've been using the long tail or thumb cast on for years and never realised this, you're in good company. I've used the long tail cast on all my life (and I've been knitting for around 40 years) and only realised a few years ago that there was a wrong and right side to the long tail cast on.

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