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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wednesday WIP - Something New

If you were looking for Monday Mini Tip on Monday, I apologise. I had a really bad week last week and I just didn't manage to get the blog post written before the weekend and Monday was a public holiday here and my husband's 50th birthday so I took the day off. 

Simon, Vanessa and Emily on our day out yesterday. 

I'm also struggling with a shoulder injury I sustained four weeks ago when I slipped and fell in a hotel room bath. I already suffer from quite severe chronic upper back/shoulder/neck pain. As I fell, my right arm got pulled behind me and it was immediately very, very sore. In fact, I was a tiny bit worried that day that I may have injured or even broken my right upper arm. But I could move it to shoulder height so I decided to ignore it and carry on.

Over the first two weeks, the soreness and pain eased a little big and I got more movement but for the last two weeks there's been little improvement and the pain in my right shoulder has been severe. Problem is I'm already taking max painkillers daily so I can't take any more. This has meant I've gotten less computer work done but more knitting because, luckily, it doesn't hurt when I knit. 

On Friday, my massage therapist noticed that my right shoulder blade wasn't moving at all and that my shoulder joint was very inflamed. Afterwards I had a doctor's appointment and she confirmed that my shoulder blade wasn't moving. Hopefully it's just a strain but it may be a tear so I've been referred for a scan. In the meantime I've got to try to pace myself so I keep on top of my workload. 

The silver lining is that I'm getting more knitting done. I've spent a lot of time in the last week swatching for new designs, mainly for my next book, but I also cast on for a new design.

Last week when I was teaching at Spin A Yarn, I noticed four shades of Lang Merino 200 which looked beautiful together. I bought them without any idea of what I'd make. Last Wednesday, as I was swatching for new designs, I suddenly decided I'd design a poncho. I had a stitch pattern I was desperate to use in a new design soon, so I swatched and did the maths and cast on for my poncho.

I'm making good progress and I'm over halfway. We're going to Scotland on Friday for a long weekend (present to Simon from his sister - we're vising her and her husband) and I would love to be able to wear this poncho. But that means I've got to block it by early afternoon on Thursday which gives me exactly 48 hours from when I'm writing this (I wrote this yesterday afternoon). I've got a lot of knitting to do so I may not be able to manage that but I'll let you know how I get on.

I'm using four colours and each time I change colour, I work a few transition rows in a lacy garter stitch. I decided to add beads too but not too many. 

This design may become part of the Lace Wear Volume One Collection. It's between this one and another design which is on my needles. I'm hoping to publish the next pattern next week and when I do the price for the full collection will go up again. Each time I publish a new design the price will increase. If you purchase the collection now, you will receive the three designs already published and you'll automatically get each future design when it's published.

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