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Friday, May 13, 2016

Introducing Periscope

Have you discovered the new social media app, Periscope? I came across Periscope last autumn and decided to jump right in. I'd been thinking about doing regular You Tube chats but I had some reservations, mainly time related as editing and uploading You Tube videos is time consuming.

So when I came across Periscope it seemed like the perfect solution. So what is Periscope? It's an app which allows anyone to broadcast live to their followers. Doing a live broadcast is called 'a scope'. To watch people's broadcasts you need either the Periscope app on your smart phone or tablet (it may not be available on older devices) or you can watch on the Periscope website. 

Broadcasts can be watched live or on replay. Periscope are developing a new service that will save broadcasts. You used to only be able to watch a replay for 24 hours but that's changing.

I did a few scopes last autumn but then my tablet died and I bought a new tablet but the Periscope app didn't work as well on my new tablet. 

However, I've now got a new mobile phone and this morning I did a Periscope broadcast on my new phone and it worked perfectly.
This morning I shared a look through my new design journal. You can watch my broadcast here.

I'm planning to start scoping 2-3 times a week. I will do Periscope tutorials on Mondays to go with Monday Mini Tip. If you can join me live, then you can ask me questions about the techniques I'm sharing. 

I'll also talk about new designs, what's on my needles, new yarns and other knitting related things I'm discovering. There may be a few planner and stationery related topics as that's another area of interest for me. I may try to do a few 'out and about' scopes from Cornwall and when I'm travelling.

I'll also do scopes specifically dedicated to you asking me questions. 

I'm aiming to keep my scopes short - max 15-20 minutes. I'll probably mainly be scoping between 3 and 4pm UK time. As the evenings get lighter I may try a few evening scopes. It's hard to get a time that suits everyone. I like to finish working in the office at 4pm so my aim is to scope just before I finish work for the day. Keep an eye on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds where I'll post details of each scope.

I'm definitely not a Periscope expert. I'm still new to this app and I've got a lot to learn. Do you want to join me on this journey? Download the Periscope app on your smart phone or tablet or watch on the Periscope website. My username is @YarnAddictAnni (as it is on Instagram and Twitter too). If you catch me live, do say hello and ask me questions. One of the main aims of scoping for me is to get to know my followers and fellow knitters better.

If you are already active on Periscope and scope regularly, share your username below. If you have any favourite people you follow on Periscope who scope about knitting, sewing, quilting, stationery, planning or small business advice, then do share in the comments below.

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