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Monday, April 04, 2016

Weekend in Wales

I've come back from a lovely weekend trip to Bristol and Wales. On Friday I caught the train to Bristol to meet Vanessa and in the evening we saw Mamma Mia at the Bristol Hippodrome. Fab play but very uncomfortable seats. I've been wanting to see Mamma Mia for years so I did enjoy it.

On Saturday, Simon picked us up and we drove on to Wales. First we visited Caerphilly Castle near Cardiff. It was a warm and sunny spring day and we enjoyed our visit. I wasn't on top form as I'd slipped and fallen in the shower at the hotel that morning. I've injured my right arm/shoulder. My shoulder is bruised, sore and stiff and I've got restricted arm movement. I've had a massage this morning and hopefully that'll speed up my recovery. 

After Caerphilly we drove down to Cardiff Bay and did a short walk followed by a meal in one of the many restaurants. Above is the Norwegian church in Cardiff Bay.

On Sunday, Simon and Vanessa spent the day in Cardiff while I drove to La Mercerie in Cowbridge to teach my Slip Stitch and Stranded/Fair Isle Colour Work workshop. Fortunately the shoulder injury didn't affect my teaching. Although I did struggle a bit with the driving. 

I'm normally exhausted and in a lot of pain after a workshop (I suffer from chronic upper back/neck/shoulder pain) so the day after a class is normally quiet but after injuring my shoulder, today has been quieter than normal. I had a massage this morning, I've done an hour of computer work and lots of knitting. I'm planning to knit for the rest of the afternoon before we go out for a family meal tonight to celebrate Vanessa's birthday, which is tomorrow. I was supposed to be going away for a teaching trip this week but that was cancelled and with my shoulder injury I'm quite relieved to be spending a week at home with no workshops. Hopefully I can rest my shoulder, catch up on some work and get started on my new book.

This is my Wollmeise shawl. I'm about 2/3 of the way through this big shawl and I'm loving it.

How was your weekend? Did you get any knitting done? 

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