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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

And there was knitting

How was your weekend? We had a long 4 day weekend here and we had a lovely time. Vanessa didn't come home for the weekend but she'll be home next week but we did miss her.

Simon and I had a couple of trips out to local attractions and I did a lot of knitting. On Friday, after we went to church, we headed to a local stately home with a big garden, Antony House. We go there regularly and it's one of my favourite National Trust properties in Cornwall.  It was busy on Friday. The weather was warm and sunny and the garden was full of families. 


On Monday we went to the Eden Project. We bought a Locals Annual Pass this year so headed down there for a couple of hours. The Eden Project is basically two big biomes in a clay pit. One biome is a tropical environment  and the other is a Mediterranean environment. They're both full of plants and it's interesting to see it growing and changing over the years.

I got a lot of knitting done this weekend. We had planned to go to the cinema on Saturday so I cast on for an easier pair of socks so I'd have something to knit at the cinema. In the end we decided not to go but I did a bit more knitting on the sock anyway. The yarn is Mudpunch and I love this colourway. It's so bright and vibrant. I'm doing a really easy tuck stitch rib.

I did a bit of work on my sparkly Opal sock too. I knitted about half the leg. I should be able to finish this on my next trip this weekend. I may even get the second sock done.

I worked on my Wollmeise shawl. I've added a beaded lace section. I don't have this whole shawl mapped out yet but I'm enjoying working on it.

This week I'm setting the Wollmeise shawl aside for a few days to finish this design I'm knitting in Oslo Micro Dyery and Skein Queen. I'm hoping it'll become a poncho and I think it'll work out as planned but it's a bit of an experiment. I'm meeting Vanessa in Bristol on Friday  to see Mamma Mia in the theatre and on Saturday we're going on to Cardiff. On Sunday I'm teaching at La Mercerie in Cowbridge near Cardiff. I'm hoping I'll be able to wear this poncho.

This week is going to be crazy as I was teaching today and I'm leaving on Friday so I have two days for office work this week. Next week I'm away to teach at Artesano in Berkshire so I only have Monday at home and I'll be recovering from teaching on Sunday. So we'll see how much knitting gets done in the next two weeks. Not much else will happen. If you've e-mailed me I still struggle to keep up and keep up to date. I'm working on it though.

Have a great week x

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