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Friday, January 29, 2016

Octavia & a special offer

Octavia is a beautiful fingerless mittens and shawl that is the perfect matching winter accessory set. Beads add a touch of glamour (the beads are added using the crochet hook method). The shawl has an intricate lace panel running down the centre which adds shoulder shaping and helps the shawl sit nicely on the shoulder. This lace is repeated on the fingerless mittens.

I decided to design this set because I wanted a new shawl and fingerless mittens set to match my new winter coat. I had the Countess Ablaze Tia Merino in my stash and I loved the colours. I was also getting keen to use the Regia Tweed for something and thought it might be a good match. And I was right, I love it! I finished this before Christmas and I've been wearing it ever since.

I decided I wanted a version to keep for show display and chose two colours of Navia Duo. The Navia Duo has a bit more structure than the Tia Merino but it softens when you block it (just soak it in a good quality wool wash or a tiny bit of fabric conditioner before blocking) and wearing.

Octavia is worked from the top down and starts with a garter tab which is perfect for this kind of shawl. There are lots of garter tab tutorials online and I'm hoping to record my own tutorial next week. The pattern does include full instructions though.  The shawl is worked all in one piece and finishes with a beaded lace edging. 

The centre panel has a more intricate lace pattern with beads and the same lace pattern is used for the fingerless mittens, which come in two sizes.

Octavia is 25% off until 15 February 2016. No coupon code needed. If you're a newsletter subscriber, do check your newsletter as there's a bigger discount for you. If you'd like to knit this set in Navia Duo, buy 4 balls of Navia Duo from the YarnAddict Shop and get the pattern free as a pdf download. The coupon code for the free pattern download will be sent in your dispatch e-mail.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Anni,

I would love to knit your Teal Dream cardigan. Does this mean I have to source a copy of January's Knit magazine to find the pattern? Or might it become available soon on Revelry? I have the yarn, I've knitted the gauge swatch and it's currently drying. I am just waiting to cast on . . .


YarnAddictAnni said...

Hi Bronchitikat, you'll have to try to track down a copy of the magazine. I know Let's Knit have been releasing some patterns free online but I don't know who long before they do that or if it's all patterns. They have a 2 year exclusive period before I could self publish the pattern and to be honest, I rarely have time to self-publish old magazine designs. You can probably buy the digital version of the magazine. If you're on Ravelry search for the Let's Knit group and there may be someone there who's selling an old copy or google Let's Knit to find their website and find info there about back copies and digital copies. I hope this helps xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anni, I'll go search.