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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jule Kos - Christmas Baubles

Do you like knitting Christmas decorations? Do you fancy giving stranded colour work (fair isle) and beads a try? Then you must try my beaded Christmas Baubles - Jule Kos (which means Christmas loveliness - 'kos' is a word that's difficult to describe, it means having a lovely, cozy, time... kind of).

This set of four Christmas baubles, which are inspired by traditional Norwegian patterns, were designed for my Christmas Baubles workshop which I taught at Sitting Knitting last Sunday and at Spin a Yarn tomorrow.

I knitted mine in Navia Duo but any 4ply yarn will work. You'll need max 10g of each colour. The pattern is 30% off until 24 December 2015 and includes all four baubles. No coupon code needed.

The baubles vary in difficulty. The one below is probably the easiest one as the colour work is very simple and only on every third row. You can also omit the stranded colour work on this one and only work stripes and beads.

The beads are added using the crochet hook method. If you're new to this technique check out my video tutorial (scroll down and click on Knitting With Beads).

In the spring I'll be releasing a set of Easter themed baubles and I'm teaching an Easter Baubles workshop at Artesano  (in Reading) in March. So if you missed my Christmas Baubles classes and you would like a fun way to learn stranded colour work, knitting in the round on double pointed needles and/or magic loop (circular needles) as well as adding beads using the crochet hook method, do check out my Easter Baubles workshop.

If you're a shop and would like me to book an Easter Baubles or Christmas Baubles workshop in 2016, contact me asap as I'm very close to being fully booked for 2016.

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