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Friday, October 09, 2015

My Weekend Plans!

This was last Sunday at Sitting Knitting in Sutton Coldfield. I was teaching a Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl class. I'm going back to Sitting Knitting again this weekend to teach the same class on Sunday. That's how popular this class is!

So why am I so keen on teaching knitters to knit the continental way? Because i believe it's a faster and more efficient way to knit! Why is it faster? Because the movements are much smaller. The knit stitch is very easy to learn but the purl stitch (and I teach Norwegian purl) is a little bit trickier but with practice you will get the hang of it.

Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl is one of my most popular classes and I also run it regularly as an online class. As an experiment for the rest of this year I'll be running this class as an on-demand class, rather than for a set period like I've done in the past. I'll be sending out a newsletter next week (on 16 October) and all my newsletter subscribers can sign up at a discounted rate. You can join my list here.

As you can see I took a few photos of Sitting Knitting while I was there. It's such a lovely shop. It's in a lovely building which looks like a cottage from the outside. There's parking right in front of the shop. The shop is large and bright and Rachel has a good selection of yarns, both affordable and more luxurious yarns. She's also got various knitting notions as well as needles, hooks and beads. Make sure you visit Sitting Knitting if you're in the Birmingham area.

What are you doing this weekend? And more importantly what are you knitting? Tell me in the comments. I'll tell you next week what I worked on this weekend. I'm travelling by train so there'll be plenty of knitting time.


rihrig said...

Preemie baby booties are currently on my DPNs, need to finish those and then a few striped preemie hats! Sorta almost fell asleep last night trying to finish the booties hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Did you finish them Rihrig?