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Monday, October 05, 2015

My Current Knitting

Last week all my knitting time was spent on finishing my deadline shawl. It took longer than I'd planned. I had to finish it on Friday evening so I could block it before I went to bed and post it first thing Saturday morning and I did it! I was blocking this shawl at 11pm on Friday evening!

I was travelling this weekend and I'll be travelling again this weekend, both trips are for a Continental Knitting workshop at Sitting Knitting, so I thought I ought to cast on for a sock so I had something easy to knit on. I chose a ball of Regia Arne and Carlos colourway. Arne and Carlos are a Norwegian design duo and they created a series of Norwegian inspired colour ways for Regia. I think I've got three of their colours in my stash. I'm knitting toe up socks for myself, using my basic Creme Caramel pattern but instead of a regular 2x2 rib, I've gone with a 2x2 garter stitch rib. Every other round is regular rib and every other round you knit. Instead of the Creme Caramel heel and gusset, I'm going to do an afterthought heel.

I've only for a few rounds left on my stripy socks, so I'm going to make an effort and try to finish it this week.

I've managed to do a bit more work on my Sweet Georgia poncho. I'm using a gradient set and I'm on the second colour. I couldn't get the colour right in these photos.

I'm really keen to cast on for a new two colour shawl. I've got a few yarn possibilities lined up but I can't decide. I'm putting it on hold for this week.

What are you knitting this week?

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