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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yarndale Prep

On Monday I met with the lovely Tattysquawk in Fowey. We had a long chat over a hot chocolate and I came home with 15 more of her gorgeous shawl pins for Yarndale. While we chatted Tatty said I was the Last Minute Queen! And she is so right! I'm always doing things at the last minute and although it does add a lot of stress to my life, I also thrive on it.

As I've already mentioned Tattysquawk, let's look at her shawl pins first. I love these pins. They're made from aluminium wire and they're very light weight and smooth. Perfect to wear with delicate lace and thicker knitwear. And they're a very good price and hand-made in Cornwall. I'm just so thrilled to be able to offer a locally made product.

Yarndale is this weekend and we're leaving tomorrow to drive up to Yorkshire. Friday we'll have the day off and explore Yorkshire. We haven't decided what to do yet but I've got a few ideas. Then Friday evening we'll drive to Skipton to set up for the show. Yarndale is Saturday and Sunday and on Monday we drive home.

Here's everything that's going on my stall, all packed up and ready to load in the car:

Over the last week, I've had regular deliveries of yarn shawl pins, books, patterns and knitting notions. I've been busy sorting, labelling, counting, pricing and packing stuff and I thought I'd share a bit of a preview of what will be on my stall this year. You can find me on stall 130.

As usual I have a large selection of Zauberball and Lace Ball from Schoppel. It's one of my favourite affordable sock and lace yarns. The yarn is great quality, lovely to knit with and the colours are so much fun. I have quite a few patterns for this yarn now.

I've also got 6 Karat and Admiral Cat Print, which is also made by Schoppel. 6 Karat is a beautiful merino/silk blend and is between a sock yarn and a lace weight yarn. It has 600m per 100g and is perfect if you'd like to try a finer yarn but still find lace weight a bit scary.

When we went to Spain I'd just published Pandora and I kept thinking about how lovely it would look knitted up in 6 Karat. I did originally start Pandora in 6 Karat last year but I only did the centre section then went off it. So when I decided to get this design going again I chose Kettle Yarn Co Westminster. 6 Karat (600m/100g) is slightly finer than Westminster (533m/100g). When I cast on for Pandora I was hoping to finish it in time for Yarndale. By the time we got home from Spain I wasn't sure that was a realistic option but I've now finished it and it is blocking today. And it will be on display this weekend.

I have had two shipments of Lotus Yarns in the last two weeks which means I'll have lots more Moon Night, Cashmere Fingering, Silky Cashmere Fingering and Forest Dew. 

I have lots of patterns for all these yarns and I'm so happy to have more choice. These are not cheap yarns but they are exceptional quality and you know you're knitting with a luxury cashmere or cashmere blend yarn (except Moon Night which is merino blend). And the shawl patterns I have for Lotus only take 1 or 2 skeins so it's still affordable for a luxury knit.

Navia is from the Faroe Islands and the first impression most people have when they touch this yarn is that it's not very soft but it does soften up a lot when you knit with it. Wash it with a bit of wool wash like Soak after knitting and before you block it and it'll be beautifully soft. I am quite sensitive to wool and can't stand itchy wool around my neck but last winter I lived in Portwrinkle.

In addition to yarn patterns and of course my book, Beaded Lace Knitting, which I'm happy to sign, I'll also have crochet hooks for adding beads, Debbie Abrahams Beads and row counters.

I'm on stall 130 so do come by and say hello.

See you in Yorkshire x

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