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Thursday, September 10, 2015

What Every Knitter Needs!

I often get asked 'If I only do one course, which one should I take?' My answer is Professional Finishing Techniques. If you're a sweater knitter it's essential to know the techniques taught in this class to ensure your sweater looks fab. But even if you're not a sweater knitter, the techniques you learn can be applied to other projects.

Should you take an in-person class or an online class? The choice is yours. The advantage of an in-person class is that the teacher is there to see what you're doing and can offer suggestions easier. But with an online class you keep the material indefinitely and can watch the class in your own time and however many times you like. So you can watch the whole course as the lessons go live and then go back and watch individual lessons when you actually need them. You can also ask questions in the class room space. If you need me to look at anything specific then you can post a photo or even a video right there in the online class room space.

My last finishing class at Social Fabric in the spring.

I'm teaching Professional Finishing Techniques at Social Fabric on Friday 18 September and I think there are spaces left. Contact Social Fabric to book.

I'm also running the Finishing School as an online course starting 21 September. This course will run for 2 weeks withe lessons going live daily or every other day. If you're busy for the 2 weeks the course is running then you can watch it at a later date. You can watch the lessons wherever or whenever it suits you, whichever time zone you're in. As long as you have the internet and a device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC) you're good to go. Lessons are a mixture of videos, pdfs and photo tutorials.

I've extended the early bird sign up offer until 13 September 2015 and pay only US $25 (which is approx £16 depending on exchange rate at time of enrollment). From 14 September the fee will increase to $30 (approx £20 depending on exchange rate at time of enrollment). You can sign up at any time until the course ends.

Here's what a couple of former students said:
Leslie attended my Professional Finishing Techniques at Social Fabric in 2013 and said: "A 'eureka' day with Anniken. So simple and so obvious when you know how!!! My finishing will now be an exact science, rather than 'hit and miss'."

 Helen J has taken my Online Finishing School and says: "Anniken's easy to follow instructions means i can confidently say my finished garments look great. One very happy knitter!"

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