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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New sock - different construction

I've finished the socks I started for our holiday in Spain. I mainly knitted on this pair on the beach and by the pool in Spain and still had half the foot left to finish when we got home. I got a few rounds done in my workshop yesterday so last night I only had the toe left. I decided to just get on and finish it. Today the socks are on my feet.

The yarn is MCN Light from La Bien Aimee, a French yarn company. I've wanted a pair of cashmere blend socks for ages. My feet are always cold. Even now, in September, I'm wearing hand-knitted socks almost every day around the house. 

I worked these socks from the top down using a garter rib which I really enjoyed. Every other round was 2x2 rib and every other round was knit every stitch. Nice and easy.

For the heel and toe I decided to try another variety from Lara Neel's Sock Architecture. Lara's book has a selection of patterns in it but for me the best part in this book is how Lara takes you through sock construction and a variety of heels and toes, both for toe up and top down socks. 

I chose the Balbriggan heel which I wasn't sure would work with my high instep but it does. I probably should have picked up more stitches for the gusset but the fit is still good. It's a very easy heel to work.

For the toe I did the sideways toe which is basically the same as the standard wedge toe I normally do but the decreases are worked in the centre of the top and bottom of the foot instead of on the sides. It fits well but I think it looks a bit strange. Looks like I've made a mistake. So I'm not sure I'll do this toe again.

I highly recommend Lara's book, Sock Architecture, if you're into sock knitting. Especially if you're getting bored with your standard heels and toes as this book has lots of new heels and toes to try. And if you like following patterns then this book has the theory but it puts the theory into practice with a selection of 17 lovely sock patterns.

You can buy Sock Architecture on Amazon or direct from Co-Operative Press (choose between pdf or print +pdf). You can also buy it on Ravelry. I bought the pdf version a year ago but I wish I had the print version too.

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