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Monday, July 27, 2015

Why join a yarn club?

I've been running yarn clubs for a few years now and I've also been a member of a variety of clubs over the years. Before I started hand-dyeing my own yarn I was a member of a couple of yarn clubs. I was a member of a fibre club for ages, until I realised I just didn't have time to spin up all the beautiful fibre I was getting each month. At the moment I'm a member of a planner kit club. Planner kit club? What's that you may ask. Well my other hobby is stationery, planners, pens etc. Yes that is a hobby. Search #planner #plannergoodies #planneraddict on Instagram and you'll see what I mean.

Anyway, there are several pros and cons about joining a club and today I thought I'd share some of my views with you. But I also asked on social media what others thought were pros and cons of joining a club.

At the moment I'm running the Easy Lace Club and above is Vanity Fair which was the July pattern. Although the new round which lasts till November 2015 has just started, there's still a couple of spaces left if you want to join us. 

I also run the Beads and Lace Club which starts in August and runs till the end of the year. Below is Rosalie which was the first pattern of the previous round of the club. You can still sign up for the next round of the Beads and Lace Club.

With clubs, you generally don't know what you will get each month until you receive the parcel. My clubs include yarn, a pattern and a little extra knitting related item each month. Clubs may include items that are exclusive to the club or that are exclusive to the club for a period of time. When I used to do hand-dyed yarn, the yarn colours were exclusive to the club. At the moment, the patterns are exclusive to the club while the club is running but available to others after the club has finished. The yarn is not exclusive to the club.

 Above and below is Lansallos, inspired by a traditional Shetland hap shawl. 

So why would you join a club if you don't know what you will get? What if you don't like the yarn?

One of the pros and cons of joining a club is not knowing what you'll receive. Receiving a yarn or a colour you wouldn't normally buy may open your horizons and introduce you to something that you may end up liking. However, if you have strong views about which colours you like or you are allergic to certain fibres then joining a club may not be for you. I like the element of surprise and when I've received a colour I didn't like, quite often I've found something nice in that colour or I've knitted something as a present for someone else.

Another good thing about joining a club is that you get regular yarny treats arriving in your post box. Someone may buy you a club membership as a present or you may treat yourself and then every so often you'll get a 'present' in the post. 

 Above and below is Aria which was the final pattern for the first round of this year's Beads and Lace Club.

However, if your yarn budget is limited then you may wish to choose exactly what to spend it on, rather than end up receiving something you don't like. For most people the main advantage of a club is that it may enable you to try new yarns, new techniques, new patterns and you get a regular yarn parcel. The main con for most people is not knowing in advance what you will get. You may end up with stuff you don't like. Having said that, you may find that if you get something you don't like, you may find someone online who'd like to buy it off you or swap it for something that they have that you like. Groups and forums on Ravelry are good for this kind of thing. 

For some clubs, like mine, you need to pay up front and others will allow you to commit month by month and pay in monthly installments. 

If you're considering joining a club, I can say from personal experience and from the feedback that I have received from my club members over the years that they are a lot of fun. Most people will enjoy receiving something that they may not have chosen for themselves. Often they find they like it, although they thought they wouldn't. But sometimes you will receive a yarn, a colour or a pattern you don't like. It's happened to me!

If you're a stationery addict like me then I thought I'd share the Planner Club I'm a member of. It's run by Happie Scrappie and you can sign up for monthly installments. I receive the Midori/fauxdori version but there are A5 and Personal versions which suit Filofax and similar planners A5 and personal sizes. The July parcel arrived while I was writing this blog post and it's a foxy/woodland animals theme.  Animal themed things aren't necessarily my favourite but I quite like some of the things included here.

So will you join a club? Don't forget you can join the Beads and Lace Club now (and you may be able to get in on the Easy Lace Club if you're quick). I'm currently planning my 2016 clubs and I'm thinking about doing something different so watch this space.

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leni425 said...

Oops. You've just introduced me to the whole midori/fauxdori black hole. I must now go to etsy, Hobbycraft, and the Range, to get lots of stickers and other stationary stuffs I may need. Yay for stationary!!!