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Monday, April 06, 2015

On The Needles - The Easter Edition

Did you have a good Easter weekend? We had a lovely time. A bit of cycling, lots of knitting, a bit of work and a birthday celebration as Vanessa turned 20 yesterday.

I finished the 'ugly duckling' shawl on Friday but didn't get around to blocking it till Saturday. Once I'd cast off I did have a slight concern about the shaping but I was hoping it would block out. I soaked it and started blocking and there was no way the shawl would ever block out into the shape I intended. I gave up and hung the shawl up to dry.

Because I didn't want to work yesterday I ignored the 'ugly duckling' shawl and carried on with my neon shawl which is coming along beautifully and I'm thoroughly enjoying knitting it. There's a bit of lace and a bit of garter stripes.

This morning I had to accept the fact that I had to do something about the 'ugly duckling' shawl so I got ready to do some ripping out. I had several inches of lace and beads and an approaching deadline. This needs to be re-knitted by the weekend.

The quickest and easiest way to rip out knitting is to use my ball winder. But with beads, they'd end up flying all over the place. So I put the shawl in a zip loc plastic bag. The yarn has angora in it so it does tend to stick to itself at times. 

The idea behind putting the shawl in a plastic bag is that as I unravel the shawl the beads get left in the bag. But with the yarn needing freeing up every few rows, it was just too difficult. So I put it on a tray instead and let the yarn run through my hand on the way to the ball winder. This ensured that the beads stayed on the tray.

Afterwards I poured the beads into a bowl and then into a plastic bag. I'm short on beads so I couldn't afford to lose many.

The shawl is now back on the needles and I'm hoping the new shaping will work. I'm just about to check it after I finish writing this blog post. Wish me luck!

What did you knit over the weekend? Don't forget the next round of The Easy Lace Club opened for sign ups yesterday. Don't miss out!

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