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Monday, April 13, 2015

On The Needles - Am I making progress?

 I've done a lot of knitting over the weekend but I'm not sure if I'm making much progress. On Saturday we attended a Creationfest event (Creationfest is a week long Christian festival in Cornwall held in August but they also organise day events throughout the year). There was worship and several talks. I brought my neon shawl to work on. I'd hoped to finish it this weekend. The rows are getting very long, over 400+ stitches. I've been weighing my yarn regularly to work out when to start the edging. Anyway, I got a lot of knitting done at this event on Saturday. 

My bag all ready for a day out at Creationfest. I had my tablet (with my knitting pattern and Bible on it), Filofax for note taking (both knitting and during the talks), pencil case and all my other handbag essentials, plus on the left is my green knitting bag. 

On Sunday, I settled down in front of the TV in the afternoon to watch the Formula One race highlights. I knitted away and eventually started the edging. I like to leave about 5-10% off the total yarn amount left. So that if knitters who buy the pattern don't knit to my tension they will still have enough yarn. I hate it when knitters e-mail me to complain that they ran out of yarn, so now I try to leave a safety margin of about 5-10% of the total yarn amount. When I'd finished knitting the last pink section, I had 2gr yarn left which I decided wasn't enough of a safety margin. I wanted between 5 and 10gr left. So I ripped out 18 rows of 400+ stitches. Which on the photo below is down to the end of the solid grey section. 

I've now re-knitted the first 1/3 of the edging and have finished with the pink yarn. I've got 10 rows of the grey yarn and then the shawl is finished. I'm tempted to do a beaded picot edging but I'm not sure yet. 

This will be another design in the Between The Lines Collection. I'm hoping to publish the next design in this collection later this week. We're getting to the end of the tech editing stage. I just need to edit and add photos and check the final pattern and it'll be ready to go. You can buy the collection for £8 now. The price will go up when the final pattern is published. If you purchase the Between The Lines Collection now you can download Caprice and St Aubin's Bay immediately and you'll automatically get the other patterns when they're published.

Yesterday morning, in church, I knitted on my Creme Caramel sock. I started the gusset and I think I'm getting close to starting the heel turn. 

I finished my ugly duckling shawl on Friday, after re-knitting half the shawl. I blocked it and this time it worked out beautifully. So today, I need to finish the pattern and get it sent off to my tech editor. It won't be for sale for a while but I may be able to share the final shawl with you next week but here's a sneak peek of the edging which I LOVE!

I'd like to finish the neon shawl today but I've got some swatching to do first. Some of my swatching will be using this gorgeous Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal which is a 4ply yarn and it's lovely to knit with. I can't wait to choose two colours from this pile for some swatching. I'm also swatching for a magazine design submission so chances are I won't get to finish my neon shawl today.

What's on your needles this week?

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