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Monday, March 30, 2015

On The Needles

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I've got two priority projects right now which I'm alternating between. One I've made a lot of progress on and the other not so much. On Saturday I posted this photo of my Pandora shawl as I was knitting in the car on our drive to Bristol. For the last week every time I've knitted on this I've had a feeling something was wrong. I noticed halfway through the last 24 round pattern repeat that the stitch count for each repeat was off by 1 stitch. I assumed I'd made a mistake but there were 12 repeats so that meant making the same mistake in each repeat which seemed kind of strange. Anyway, I carried on knitting.

When we drove home from Bristol on Saturday evening I picked up my knitting again and started the next 24 round repeat. I'd decided to cheat and did a k2tog to get rid of the extra stitch in each repeat before I changed the colour and started the next 24 round repeat. Within 2 rounds I realised I was still out by a stitch. I looked at the chart, did some easy maths in my head and had a light bulb moment. I had an 11 stitch pattern repeat and was increasing one stitch every other round over a 24 round repeat. That means that after 24 rounds I'd increased 12 stitches in each pattern repeat but I only needed 11. So I had to rip back 48 rounds. I did this on the drive home and yesterday morning my knitting looked like this:

I spent a few minutes on the computer yesterday, sorted out the repeat issue and actually changed the shaping a bit too as I wasn't 100% happy with the original shaping. We had a quite day at home yesterday so I got a lot knitting done and I'm making good progress and now it's working just fine.

My priority project this weekend was the purple/grey 'ugly duckling' shawl. I've done a lot of knitting on it and I'm now ready for the edging. I need to chart the edging out after this blog post and hopefully I may finish this shawl today. This shawl is semi-secret so I'm being a bit careful about how I photograph it.

I'm already thinking about what to cast on after this. I need to get started on another Between The Lines design and I'd like an easy shawl in garter stitch that's easier to knit on while out and about. I'm seeing a friend tomorrow for knitting and lunch so I may cast this on later so I can knit on it tomorrow. This neon pink sock yarn form Raincity Knits is bright and has been in a my stash for a few months now and I'm itching to knit with it. Raincity Knits is a hand-dyed yarn company from Vancouver in Canada and they specialise in bright colours.

I'm planning to mix it with a pale grey and have got a skein of pale grey on order from Raincity Knits but it's taking a long time to get here. I think customs are holding it hostage. Parcels can sit in the Royal Mail customs office for up to 3 weeks in my experience. So instead of waiting any longer I'm thinking of mixing it with a skeins of Exotic Sock in natural grey. It's a different blend. Exotic Sock is alpaca/cashmere/silk and the Raincity Knits Super Sock is a merino/nylon blend. But I think it'll work and the Exotic Sock will add softness and drape to the shawl. The yarns will be blended as it'll be a stripey lace shawl.

Talking about Between The Lines, I'm sending the next pattern to my tech editor this week so hopefully it'll be ready for release very soon after Easter. 

What's on your needles this week?

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